Kamis, 03 November 2016

Forget definition is


verb for·get \fər-ˈget, fȯr-\

Prevalence: Bottom half of words

Basic Definition of overlook

: to be not able consider or remember (something)

: to neglect to recollect to bring or take (something)

: to quit pondering (somebody)

Full Definition of overlook

forgotplay \-ˈgät\forgottenplay \-ˈgä-tən\ or forgotforgetting

transitive verb


a : to lose the recognition of : be not able consider or review <I overlook his name>

b old : to stop doing


: to treat with negligence or dismissal <forgot their old friends>


a : to neglect purposefully : disregard — typically utilized as a part of the basic <I shouldn't have said that, so recently overlook it>

b : to surrender seek after or desire of — typically utilized as a part of the basic <as for incite benefit, overlook it>

intransitive verb


: to stop recalling or seeing <forgive and forget>


: to neglect to end up careful at the best possible time <forgot about paying the bill>

forgetter thing

disregard oneself

: to lose one's respect, temper, or restraint

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Cases of overlook in a sentence

I continue overlooking her name.

The torment and wretchedness are difficult to overlook.

She overlooked how to set up the tent.

I'll always remember the first occasion when we met.

Keep in mind that you need to kill the light when you take off.

"Did you pay the bill?" "I overlooked."

He's presently an overlooked saint.

He's an overlooked man in the realm of governmental issues.

In case you're planning to get notification from him soon, overlook it, it won't happen.

Disregard figuring out how to get away—there's no chance to get out of here.

Equivalent word Discussion of overlook

disregard, dismiss, overlook, neglect, slight, overlook intend to ignore without giving due consideration. disregard suggests giving lacking thoughtfulness regarding something that merits one's consideration <habitually ignored his studies>. neglect proposes deliberate carelessness <disregarded the desires of his family>. overlook infers an inability to respect something evident <ignored the rude remark>. neglect recommends slighting or disregarding through flurry or absence of care <in my surge I ignored a key example>. slight infers derisive or hateful dismissing or excluding <slighted a few noteworthy creators in her survey>. disregard may recommend either an obstinate overlooking or an inability to inspire something at the forefront of one's thoughts <forget what others say>.